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Neil Booth (CC, ALB)

VP of Education

Shawna van Poppelen (CC)

VP of Membership

Loretta Macklam

VP of Public Relations

Anthony van Poppelen


Charles Jeffery (ACB, CL)


Jennie Tschoban

Sgt. at Arms

Joe Oteruelo

Honorary Past President

Sheila Cameron (DTM)

About Me: Sheila is a proud co-sponsor of Coastmasters, which was chartered during her term as the Area 73 Director (Sunshine Coast, BC) for the 2016/17 Toastmasters year. Sheila is a professional writer and editor, and she credits the Toastmasters program for immensely improving her speaking and presentation skills. Sheila is passionate about raising our collective human consciousness and published her first book, Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life in 2017.

Club Mentor

Ben Rusuisiak (CC)

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